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I came to Oron after having ACL reconstructive surgery on my right knee. I'm a competitive judo athlete with dreams of making it to the highest level of competition and was initially devastated at the idea of having to undergo surgery and rehabilitation. Oron was fantastic! After careful evaluation, he created a program that pushed me and continuously challenged me while still making my safety a priority. I still incorporate a lot of the exercises I learned from him to this day.

Alaine Abuan
2nd in World
Judo Champion

He is a miracle worker! 
I am now able to walk 5+ miles a day and am able to go up and down stairs without difficulty. 
I came to Dr. Oron Fiksel for treatment after sustaining a tibial plateau fracture and being totally non-weight bearing for 9 weeks.  Each therapy session with Dr. Fiksel increased my range of motion and my ability to extend my leg straight.  He is knowledgeable and he approaches problems scientifically.  Dr. Fiksel has a holistic approach to healing and body mechanics.

Ellen S.

I had strong and lasting lower back pain several months after giving birth. Dr. Fiksel is professional, extremely attentive and knowledgeable. He is effective, genuinely caring, personable and respectful. He helped me feel very safe and comfortable throughout.

Jersey City, NJ

אורון, רציתי להודות לך מכל הלב על הטיפול המקצועי ביותר,היחס האדיב, האנושיות שבך, החיזוקים החיוביים ושמירה על קשר גם לאחר גמר הטיפולים. הטיפולים עזרו ושיפרו משמעותית את תפקודי בחיי היומיום וחזרה לשגרה.


דור זרקה
15th in World
Kite Surfing Champion

As soon as he started to diagnose and scan my injury, I felt that this guy is a real master and has tons of knowledge about my discomfort.
After four treatments, which I still can’t believe the nerve pain I suffered from started to diminish and was almost unnoticeable. I started running again after my sixth treatment, and I still can’t believe that Oron knew what point we should put the effort on. Each treatment was an hour and conducted in a super professional manner. I found Oron excellent and very positive to work with – lots of new ideas how to tailor a treatment to my specific injury.

Israel Levin

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